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Working Together to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Work-related injuries and illnesses impact not only individuals but also their families and the broader community. Startling statistics reveal that 169 people lost their lives while […]

Unlock Your Success: Testel Australia Franchise Opportunities in Brisbane

Brisbane is a thriving metropolis with countless business opportunities, but starting a business from scratch can be a daunting task. If you’re new to the world […]

The Importance of Electrical Safety Risk Assessment

In today’s world, ensuring a safe work environment important. Regardless of your organisation’s nature, every employee deserves to work in a space where their safety is […]

Get Ready to Work Well: Workplace Electrical Safety Compliance in Australia

Electrical safety in the workplace is an important topic for both employers and employees alike. In Australia, the management of electrical risks at the workplace is […]

Navigating Electrical Safety in Victoria: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you aware that electrical hazards pose a pervasive concern in workplaces across the board? In Victoria, numerous workplace incidents involving electric shock occur, some of […]

Event Electrical Safety

For our friends in Adelaide, we hope you had a fantastic time at the Royal Adelaide Show last weekend! It’s always a great event filled with […]

All You Need to Know about Fire Protection Testing in Australia

In the realm of business, the impact of fire, regardless of its scale, is undeniably catastrophic. This realisation underscores the utmost importance of fire protection testing, […]

The Obligation of Testing and Tagging

Testing and tagging, the cornerstone of ensuring the safety of portable electrical appliances, stands as a critical component of any workplace’s safety standards. But in the […]

Safeguarding Your Workplace: Avoiding Common Electrical Safety Mistakes

Ensuring the safety of electrical appliances in your workplace is importance. To achieve this, testing and tagging services play a vital role in ensuring these devices […]


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